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Transcript Requests

To request a transcript, a written request with your signature is required. A transcript request form that collects all the needed information is available for your convenience. Be sure to fill out the form completely and legibly and include your signature (forms without a signature cannot be processed).

You may fax your request to 303-783-3122 or you may scan the completed transcript request form and email it as an attachment to You can also mail your request to Denver Seminary, 6399 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120, Attn: Registrar's Office.

For standard processing (once a week), the fee is $5 per transcript. For rush processing (within 24 hours of receipt of the request), the fee is $15. Payment by cash or check is acceptable for mailed or in-person requests. Faxed or emailed requests must be charged to a credit card. Credit card payment can be made online by following the link below. Please complete the transcript request before making your payment. Transcripts will not be processed until payment is received.
Transcript Request Form (pdf) (.pdf, 146K)
All forms below are writeable .pdf documents, which means that you can type your responses in the appropriate areas. If you are using Adobe Reader, you will need to print the document off and scan it in before emailing. You are also free to fax, mail, or drop off your form at the Registrar’s Office. For those of you with more advanced software, you should be able to first save the document with your responses and then email it as an attachment.

Registrar’s Office: 303-762-6995,  6399 S. Santa Fe Dr. Littleton, CO 80120,, FAX 303-783-3122

Add/drop request (.pdf, 7K)
Advanced standing application (.pdf, 31K)
Application for Change of Degree/Major (.pdf, 127K)
Change of address (.pdf, 126K)
Commencement participation request (for those walking in the May ceremony and completing the following summer) (.pdf, 36K)
Course registration--nondegree students only (.pdf, 61K)
Enrollment Verification Request Form (.pdf, 85K)
Graduation Application (.pdf, 88K)
Honors program application (.pdf, 30K)
Individualized study request (.pdf, 47K)
Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form (.pdf, 119K)
Permission for recommendation letter (.pdf, 23K)
Proctor Request Form (.pdf, 90K)
Project Registration Form (.pdf, 90K)
Request to prevent disclosure of directory information (.pdf, 15K)
Substitute elective request (.pdf, 30K)
Thesis Registration Form (.pdf, 90K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Course Rotations 2013-2015
Course Rotations 2014-2016 (.pdf, 98K)
Lists current catalog offerings along with a projected rotation. This is not a guarantee and is subject to change but it should help you in planning out your schedule for most, if not all, of your program. Last updated 3.2014
Counseling Evening Course Rotation (.pdf, 304K)
2014-15 Academic Year
Fall 2014 (.htm, 674K)
Updated 4/8/2014
Intersession 2015 (.htm, 66K)
Default dates for intersession are 1/5/15-1/23/15 unless otherwise noted in the "alt calendar" column on the righthand column of the schedule
Spring 2015 (.htm, 670K)
Summer 2015 (.htm, 365K)
Updated 3/27/2014
2013-14 Academic Year
Fall 2013 (.htm, 679K)
Intersession 2014 (.htm, 60K)
Default dates for intersession are 1/6/14-1/24/14 unless otherwise noted in the "alt calendar" column on the righthand column of the schedule
Spring 2014 (.htm, 739K)
Summer 2014 (.htm, 385K)
Doctor of Ministry- Spring 2014 (.htm, 81K)
2012-13 Academic Year
Fall 2012 (.html, 744K)
Intersession 2013 (.html, 67K)
Default dates are 1/7-1/25 unless otherwise noted. Updated 12/18/2012
Spring 2013 (.html, 738K)
Updated 01/31/2013
Summer 2013 (.htm, 281K)
2011-12 Academic Year
Fall 2011 (.htm, 218K)
updated 9/7/2011
Intersession 2012 (.htm, 66K)
updated 12/22/11
Spring 2012 (.htm, 689K)
Summer 2012 (.html, 241K)
2010-11 Academic Year
Fall 2010 (.htm, 761K)

updated 9/9/2010

Intersession 2011 (.htm, 73K)
updated 12/10/10
Spring 2011 (.htm, 770K)

updated 2/28/2011

Summer 2011 (.htm, 282K)
updated 6/27/2011
2009-10 Academic Year
Fall 2009 (.html, 352K)
Updated 9/18/09
Intersession 2010 (.htm, 56K)
Spring 2010 (.htm, 545K)
Updated 01/28/10
Summer 2010 (.htm, 181K)
Updated 6/8/2010
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
2013-14 Certificate of Completion
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 90K)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 90K)
Christian Apologetics (.pdf, 97K)
Messianic Judaism (.pdf, 98K)
2013-14 Graduate Certificate
Biblical and Theological Studies (.pdf, 101K)
2013-14 Master of Arts Academic
Apologetics and Ethics (.pdf, 112K)
Biblical Studies (New Testament) (.pdf, 111K)
Biblical Studies (Old Testament) (.pdf, 110K)
Christian Studies (.pdf, 114K)
Theology (.pdf, 114K)
2013-14 Master of Arts Professional
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 111K)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 113K)
Counseling Ministries (.pdf, 109K)
Counseling (Clinical Mental Health) (.pdf, 107K)
Counseling (School) (.pdf, 108K)
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 112K)
Leadership (.pdf, 111K)
Leadership (Intercultural Ministry) (.pdf, 111K)
Leadership (Outdoor Leadership) (.pdf, 110K)
Leadership (Worship) (.pdf, 108K)
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 107K)
Youth and Family Ministries (Counseling Ministries) (.pdf, 110K)
Youth and Family Ministries (Outdoor Leadership) (.pdf, 109K)
2013-14 Master of Divinity
No concentration (.pdf, 113K)
Apologetics and Ethics (.pdf, 114K)
Biblical Studies (.pdf, 115K)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 114K)
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 114K)
Intercultural Ministry (.pdf, 114K)
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 113K)
Leadership (.pdf, 114K)
Messianic Judaism (.pdf, 114K)
Outdoor Leadership (.pdf, 114K)
Pastoral Counseling (.pdf, 114K)
Theology (.pdf, 113K)
Worship (.pdf, 113K)
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 114K)
2012-13 Graduate Certificate
These graduate certificates have been replaced by the Graduate Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies and are no longer available beginning fall 2013.
Christian Studies (.pdf, 20K)
Intercultural Ministry (.pdf, 19K)
Leadership (.pdf, 20K)
Theology (.pdf, 20K)
2012-13 Master of Arts Professional
Counseling Ministries/Chaplaincy (.pdf, 26K)
The chaplaincy concentration in the counseling ministries program was eliminated beginning fall 2013 and replaced by the MA in Chaplaincy program.
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 24K)
This program has been revised for the 2013-14 academic year. Students beginning the program in 2012-13 are encouraged to consider moving to the new program.
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 23K)
The YFM degree has been revised for 2013-14. Current students may move into the new program if they desire (notify the Registrar's Office if you wish to do this).
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

General Information
Students entering Denver Seminary who have a strong background in the subject matter covered in select core curriculum courses have two options through Denver Seminary's advanced standing policy.  Please review the Advanced Standing Policy below for more information.
Advanced Standing Policy (.pdf, 149K)
Effective fall 2013 for qualified new students
Advanced Standing Exam Application (.pdf, 20K)
Study Guides for Those Seeking Advanced Standing by Exam
NOTE: Students in all master's level degree programs are required to complete at least one course in New Testament, Old Testament, and theology at Denver Seminary. Those earning advanced standing for all required courses in a given department must complete an elective in that department so they may fulfill this requirement. Those earning advanced standing in both NT 511 and NT 512 must take NT 601 New Testament Theology as their New Testament elective.
BI 501 - Effective Biblical Interpretation (.pdf, 12K)
CH 501 - Survey of Church History (.pdf, 27K)
CH 502 - Engaging Early and Medieval Christianity (.pdf, 20K)
CH 503 - Engaging Reformation and Modern Christianity (.pdf, 20K)
EM 501 - Foundations of Teaching and Learning (.pdf, 17K)
NT 501/502 - Learning New Testament Greek (.pdf, 34K)
NT 511 - Understanding the Gospels and Acts (.pdf, 8K)
NT 512 - Understanding the Epistles and Revelation (.pdf, 8K)
OT 501 - Learning Hebrew and Its Tools (.pdf, 17K)
OT 502 - Learning Hebrew and Its Grammar (.pdf, 17K)
OT 511 - Understanding Early Israel and Its Wisdom Literature (.pdf, 19K)
OT 512 - Understanding the Kingdom of Israel and Its Prophets (.pdf, 10K)
TH 501 - Survey of Christian Doctrine I (.pdf, 20K)
TH 502 - Survey of Christian Doctrine II (.pdf, 21K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Orals Information
Orientation sessions are scheduled for the following dates in 2013-14:
For those planning to register for orals in spring 2014:
   -Wednesday, Sept 18, 2013; 12-12:50pm in the Executive Board Room in the Admin. Building 
For those planning to register for orals in fall 2014:
   -Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014; 12-12:50pm in LDC 103 in the Classroom Building
MDiv Doctrinal Oral Examination Review Questions (.doc, 62K)
MDiv Doctrinal Oral Examination: General Information (.docx, 19K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.