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General Information
Students entering Denver Seminary who have a strong background in the subject matter covered in select core curriculum courses have two options through Denver Seminary's advanced standing policy.  Please review the Advanced Standing Policy below for more information.
Advanced Standing Policy (.pdf, 149K, Downloaded:301 times)
Effective fall 2013 for qualified new students
Advanced Standing Exam Application (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:201 times)
Study Guides for Those Seeking Advanced Standing by Exam
NOTE: Students in all master's level degree programs are required to complete at least one course in New Testament, Old Testament, and theology at Denver Seminary. Those earning advanced standing for all required courses in a given department must complete an elective in that department so they may fulfill this requirement. Those earning advanced standing in both NT 511 and NT 512 must take NT 601 New Testament Theology as their New Testament elective.
BI 501 - Effective Biblical Interpretation (.pdf, 12K, Downloaded:1718 times)
CH 501 - Survey of Church History (.pdf, 27K, Downloaded:956 times)
CH 502 - Engaging Early and Medieval Christianity (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:778 times)
CH 503 - Engaging Reformation and Modern Christianity (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:1010 times)
EM 501 - Foundations of Teaching and Learning (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:793 times)
NT 501/502 - Learning New Testament Greek (.pdf, 34K, Downloaded:1097 times)
NT 511 - Understanding the Gospels and Acts (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:1195 times)
NT 512 - Understanding the Epistles and Revelation (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:882 times)
OT 501 - Learning Hebrew and Its Tools (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:690 times)
OT 502 - Learning Hebrew and Its Grammar (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:611 times)
OT 511 - Understanding Early Israel and Its Wisdom Literature (.pdf, 19K, Downloaded:988 times)
OT 512 - Understanding the Kingdom of Israel and Its Prophets (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:795 times)
TH 501 - Survey of Christian Doctrine I (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:1185 times)
TH 502 - Survey of Christian Doctrine II (.pdf, 21K, Downloaded:824 times)
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