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2013-14 Certificate of Completion
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 90K, Downloaded:190 times)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 90K, Downloaded:227 times)
Christian Apologetics (.pdf, 97K, Downloaded:127 times)
Messianic Judaism (.pdf, 98K, Downloaded:115 times)
2013-14 Graduate Certificate
Biblical and Theological Studies (.pdf, 101K, Downloaded:259 times)
2013-14 Master of Arts Academic
Apologetics and Ethics (.pdf, 112K, Downloaded:270 times)
Biblical Studies (New Testament) (.pdf, 111K, Downloaded:268 times)
Biblical Studies (Old Testament) (.pdf, 110K, Downloaded:202 times)
Christian Studies (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:329 times)
Theology (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:364 times)
2013-14 Master of Arts Professional
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 111K, Downloaded:279 times)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:349 times)
Counseling Ministries (.pdf, 109K, Downloaded:283 times)
Counseling (Clinical Mental Health) (.pdf, 107K, Downloaded:776 times)
Counseling (School) (.pdf, 108K, Downloaded:185 times)
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 112K, Downloaded:233 times)
Leadership (.pdf, 111K, Downloaded:300 times)
Leadership (Intercultural Ministry) (.pdf, 111K, Downloaded:143 times)
Leadership (Outdoor Leadership) (.pdf, 110K, Downloaded:116 times)
Leadership (Worship) (.pdf, 108K, Downloaded:112 times)
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 107K, Downloaded:131 times)
Youth and Family Ministries (Counseling Ministries) (.pdf, 110K, Downloaded:154 times)
Youth and Family Ministries (Outdoor Leadership) (.pdf, 109K, Downloaded:100 times)
2013-14 Master of Divinity
No concentration (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:508 times)
Apologetics and Ethics (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:150 times)
Biblical Studies (.pdf, 115K, Downloaded:252 times)
Christian Formation and Soul Care (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:174 times)
Chaplaincy (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:205 times)
Intercultural Ministry (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:142 times)
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:162 times)
Leadership (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:189 times)
Messianic Judaism (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:97 times)
Outdoor Leadership (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:121 times)
Pastoral Counseling (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:195 times)
Theology (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:176 times)
Worship (.pdf, 113K, Downloaded:105 times)
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:121 times)
2012-13 Graduate Certificate
These graduate certificates have been replaced by the Graduate Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies and are no longer available beginning fall 2013.
Christian Studies (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:374 times)
Intercultural Ministry (.pdf, 19K, Downloaded:231 times)
Leadership (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:283 times)
Theology (.pdf, 20K, Downloaded:302 times)
2012-13 Master of Arts Professional
Counseling Ministries/Chaplaincy (.pdf, 26K, Downloaded:352 times)
The chaplaincy concentration in the counseling ministries program was eliminated beginning fall 2013 and replaced by the MA in Chaplaincy program.
Justice and Mission (.pdf, 24K, Downloaded:674 times)
This program has been revised for the 2013-14 academic year. Students beginning the program in 2012-13 are encouraged to consider moving to the new program.
Youth and Family Ministries (.pdf, 23K, Downloaded:245 times)
The YFM degree has been revised for 2013-14. Current students may move into the new program if they desire (notify the Registrar's Office if you wish to do this).
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