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Course Rotations 2013-2015
Course Rotations 2014-2016 (.pdf, 98K, Downloaded:400 times)
Lists current catalog offerings along with a projected rotation. This is not a guarantee and is subject to change but it should help you in planning out your schedule for most, if not all, of your program. Last updated 3.2014
Counseling Evening Course Rotation (.pdf, 304K, Downloaded:73 times)
2014-15 Academic Year
Fall 2014 (.htm, 674K, Downloaded:1501 times)
Updated 4/8/2014
Intersession 2015 (.htm, 66K, Downloaded:186 times)
Default dates for intersession are 1/5/15-1/23/15 unless otherwise noted in the "alt calendar" column on the righthand column of the schedule
Spring 2015 (.htm, 670K, Downloaded:317 times)
Summer 2015 (.htm, 365K, Downloaded:403 times)
Updated 3/27/2014
2013-14 Academic Year
Fall 2013 (.htm, 679K, Downloaded:1368 times)
Intersession 2014 (.htm, 60K, Downloaded:179 times)
Default dates for intersession are 1/6/14-1/24/14 unless otherwise noted in the "alt calendar" column on the righthand column of the schedule
Spring 2014 (.htm, 739K, Downloaded:822 times)
Summer 2014 (.htm, 385K, Downloaded:238 times)
Doctor of Ministry- Spring 2014 (.htm, 81K, Downloaded:119 times)
2012-13 Academic Year
Fall 2012 (.html, 744K, Downloaded:1611 times)
Intersession 2013 (.html, 67K, Downloaded:2062 times)
Default dates are 1/7-1/25 unless otherwise noted. Updated 12/18/2012
Spring 2013 (.html, 738K, Downloaded:6129 times)
Updated 01/31/2013
Summer 2013 (.htm, 281K, Downloaded:610 times)
2011-12 Academic Year
Fall 2011 (.htm, 218K, Downloaded:7792 times)
updated 9/7/2011
Intersession 2012 (.htm, 66K, Downloaded:984 times)
updated 12/22/11
Spring 2012 (.htm, 689K, Downloaded:402 times)
Summer 2012 (.html, 241K, Downloaded:423 times)
2010-11 Academic Year
Fall 2010 (.htm, 761K, Downloaded:9147 times)

updated 9/9/2010

Intersession 2011 (.htm, 73K, Downloaded:4492 times)
updated 12/10/10
Spring 2011 (.htm, 770K, Downloaded:9672 times)

updated 2/28/2011

Summer 2011 (.htm, 282K, Downloaded:7328 times)
updated 6/27/2011
2009-10 Academic Year
Fall 2009 (.html, 352K, Downloaded:7920 times)
Updated 9/18/09
Intersession 2010 (.htm, 56K, Downloaded:4380 times)
Spring 2010 (.htm, 545K, Downloaded:8652 times)
Updated 01/28/10
Summer 2010 (.htm, 181K, Downloaded:6980 times)
Updated 6/8/2010
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