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Master's Level International Application Forms
For master's level international candidates
Visa / I-20 Guide (.pdf, 1486K, Downloaded:1123 times)
Updated June 2012
International Student Organizational Partner Endorsement (.pdf, 96K, Downloaded:602 times)
International students should complete this form in place of the Church Endorsement. Updated June 2012
Certificate & Degree Seeking Admission Forms
Downloadable forms for all certificate and degree-seeking applicants.
Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete and submit these forms digitally.
You can download the free reader here: 
Application Checklist (.pdf, 251K, Downloaded:1211 times)
Updated April 2014
Certificate & Degree-Seeking Application (.pdf, 344K, Downloaded:572 times)
Updated April 2014
Statement of Faith (.pdf, 131K, Downloaded:1372 times)
Updated April 2014
Application for Major (.pdf, 395K, Downloaded:1422 times)
Updated April 2014
Spouse Statement (.pdf, 186K, Downloaded:1244 times)
Updated April 2014
Church Endorsement (.pdf, 220K, Downloaded:1480 times)
Updated April 2014
Reference Form (.pdf, 499K, Downloaded:1697 times)
Updated April 2014
Nondegree Application
Non-Degree/Audit Application (.pdf, 100K, Downloaded:2193 times)
Updated Jan 2014 
Doctor of Ministry Forms
Downloadable application and forms for the Doctor of Ministry Program
Doctor of Ministry Application (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:858 times)
NAE Statement of Faith (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:964 times)
Endorsement for the Doctor of Ministry Program (.pdf, 19K, Downloaded:772 times)
Personal Reference (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded:1140 times)
Experience in Ministry Reference (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded:774 times)
M.Div. Equivalency Information (.pdf, 27K, Downloaded:978 times)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.