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Financial Awareness Outline (.pdf, 694K, Downloaded:838 times)
         A basic outline on expenses and financial aid programs
Financial Aid Policies Manual (.pdf, 292K, Downloaded:456 times)
         Policies adhered to by the Financial Aid Office
Mac PDF Viewing Guide (.pdf, 69K, Downloaded:249 times)
         For those having difficulty viewing and/or completing our electronic PDF forms, primarily those using a Mac product.
Gainful Employment Disclosure (.pdf, 52K, Downloaded:159 times)
Loan Increase Request 2013-14 (fillable) (.pdf, 43K, Downloaded:206 times)
         For loan increase requests after the initial loan offer has already been accepted/declined.
Loan Decrease Request 2013-14 (fillable) (.pdf, 39K, Downloaded:61 times)
         For decreasing or cancelling loans that were accepted on the initial Award Letter
In-School Loan Deferment Request (.pdf, 61K, Downloaded:488 times)
         All existing federal loans will be automatically deferred when a student enrolls at least half-time - this form is for unusual circumstances only
FAFSA Verification Worksheet 2013-14 (.pdf, 26K, Downloaded:234 times)
         For work study applicants whose FAFSA has been chosen for verification
Debt-to-Income Ratio Chart (.pdf, 76K, Downloaded:376 times)
         How much debt is reasonably manageable?
Grants & Scholarships
Scholarship Application Packet (fillable) (.pdf, 1635K, Downloaded:895 times)
         Contains the Scholarship Application and the Guide (a list of all available scholarship opportunities)
Kern Scholarship Application (fillable) (.pdf, 154K, Downloaded:447 times)
         A 100% tuition scholarship for MDiv students going into pastoral ministry in the US
Kern Scholarship Brochure (.pdf, 973K, Downloaded:320 times)
         A 100% tuition scholarship for MDiv students going into pastoral ministry in the US
Kingdom Scholarship Application (.docx, 32K, Downloaded:55 times)
         A 50% tuition scholarship for MDiv students committed to pastoral ministry
Bellevue Heights Application 2014-15 (.doc, 43K, Downloaded:57 times)
         A $4,500 per year scholarship for MDiv students committed to Pastoral Ministry
Special Circumstances Request (fillable) (.pdf, 155K, Downloaded:407 times)
         For those whose current financial need status is not properly reflected on their FAFSA
Church Partnership Packet (fillable) (.pdf, 252K, Downloaded:468 times)
         A 10% tuition discount matched to 40%+ tuition church support
Work Study
Work Study Acceptance Notice (.pdf, 13K, Downloaded:577 times)
For those who are hired as a work study employee
Application steps listed at
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