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Health Insurance Requirement*

Denver Seminary is invested in the health and welfare of our students, and the desire of the Student Life department is to empower students to take responsibility for their personal health.  Therefore, while we do not require that students have health insurance as a condition of enrollment, we are pleased to provide our students with a variety of resources for cost- effective health insurance options.

For the convenience of Denver Seminary students, the Seminary provides the below information as a resource to students in finding health care options.  In providing this resource, Denver Seminary is not giving medical advice, making referrals, or making recommendations about individual area providers included on the list.  The Seminary encourages students to make their own decisions about whether a provider is a good fit for them and can provide the particular services that a student may seek.

* Health insurance is required for all international students and their dependents for the duration of their studies at Denver Seminary. 

Individual Health Insurance Options

The Student Life department is pleased to work with National Benefits Consultants to offer students a variety of options for individual health care. Their resource, Colorado Health Link provides rate quotes and a wide variety of carrier options. For specific questions about coverage, please contact licensed insurance agent Tim Noel.
Tim Noel
Vice President
National Benefits Consultants

Connect for Health Colorado

 Connect for Health Colorado is a new health insurance marketplace resulting from the changes in national health care.  Opening in October, but full of accessible resources now, you will be able to shop, compare, pick and purchase the health plan that is right for you. All on one site, all in one visit.

Tonik by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Tonik is simple, basic, individual health insurance. It has no application fee and no long term commitment.

Anthem Tonik plans include coverage for:
• Doctor visits
• Generic prescription drugs
• Specialists
• Traveling out of state
• Emergency room
• Surgery etc.
• Ambulance
• Basic dental
• Eye exams, glasses or contacts

What's not covered: Maternity and Brand Name Prescription Drugs.

Complete Tonik details and prices

Heather Taylor, Student Services Coordinator
(303) 762-6925
Rob Foley, Community Life Coordinator
(303) 357-5838

All international students and their dependents are required to have health insurance coverage through the duration of their studies.  We are pleased to provide an option for coverage through International Student Insurance.

Dental and Vision Resources
In addition to student health insurance, combined dental and vision coverage is available through National Benefits.  If you have questions please contact Heather Taylor, Student Services Coordinator. See below for premium rates per month:

Student Only
 $   14.15
Student +1      $   22.75
Student +2     $   30.68
Family          $   35.88
Dental Coverage (.pdf, 1668K)
Vision Discount Plan (.pdf, 513K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Discount Prescription Card

Stop by the Student Life office to pick up your free discount prescription card.  Anyone is eligible, as this is not affiliated with any particular health care plan.

Doctors Care

The Doctors Care Clinic serves patients 30 years old and under who are uninsured or on Medicaid, CHP+, or the Doctors Care sliding-fee scale program.


A network of providers cares for patients over 30 years old who qualify for the Doctors Care sliding-fee scale program.

The Doctors Care sliding-fee scale program is for patients who:
  1. Live in Arapahoe (excluding Aurora), Douglas, or Elbert counties
  2. Are below a predetermined income level based on your family size
  3. Lack health insurance, Medicaid, or Child Health Plan Plus
Click here or call 303-730-1313 for more information.